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Home  UPS
       • Super efficient, DC to AC conversion, minimizing charging losses.
       • Input voltage range selection option {PC Mode / Home Mode}
       • Fully automatic start operation
       • High frequency technology
       • Compact size and light weight
       • Provides critical overload protection
       • Provides battery reverse operation
       • Eco-friendly & non-polluting {green device}
       • Advance techonology optimizez battery life.
    Model Home UPS ELV-1000 ELV-2000
    Capacity   1000VA/600W 2000VA/1200W
    AC Input Nominal Voltage 220/230/240VAC
    Input Voltage 90~280VAC
    Nominal Frequency 50-60 Hz (Auto Detection)
    Input Voltage Range Selector Narrow 170~280VAC
    Wide 90~280VAC
    Inverter Mode Output Voltage 230VAC+10/-18%
    Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
    Waveform Modified Sine-wave
    Efficiency (AC to DC) >95%
    Effieciency (DC to AC) >80%
    Battery Nominal Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    Bulk Voltage 14.2+/-0.2V 28.4+/-0.4V
    Charger Floating Voltage 13.5+/-0.2V 27.0+/-0.4V
    Charging Content 10A max.
    Overcharging Protection 15V+/-0.4V 30V+/-0.8V
    Transfer Transfer Time Typical 15-20ms, 40ms max
    Line Mode 1 (CC/CV Charging) Green flashing every 2 seconds
    Line Mode 2 (Float Charging) Green solid lighting
    Indicator Off-charge Mode Green flashing as cycle : 0.5s On 0.5s Off 0.5s On 4s Off
    Battery Mode Yellow Lighting
    Overload Red flashing every 0.5 seconds
    Fault Red Lighting
    Audible Alarm Low Battery Voltage in Battery Mode Beeps every 2 seconds
    Overload Beeps every 0.5 seconds
    Fault Beeps continuously
    Environment Temperature 0-50°C
    Physical Dimension (mm) DxWxH 255x80x224
    Net Weight 2.1 Kg 2.3 Kg
    Protections Deep Discharge, Overcharge, short circuit, overload, battery reverse, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature
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