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ES-Series  UPS
       • 50KHz High Frequency Operation
       • Compact size, light weight, low shipping costs
       • Double conversion true Sinewave output
       • Intelligent µCont based design
       • Large input operating range, eliminates unnecessary battery discharge
       • Long backup time option
       • Near unity power factor, high AC-AC efficiency
       • RS 232 Interface
       • Superior output voltage regulation
    UPS Model ES1004 ES2004 ES3004
    Capacity & Output 1KVA/800W 2KVA/1600W 3KVA/2400W
    Current Rating 4 Amps 8.7 Amps 13.6 Amps
    Battery Input, Internal-7 AH Bank 36Vdc 96Vdc 96Vdc
    Input Voltage 160-295 Vac for > 70% linear load, Input Voltage range will improve to <120V for <50% load
    Input Frequency 45 - 55Hz
    Input Power factor Near Unity. >0.95
    Charger, Internal Float charger, CV/CC, 1.4A/SMPS, approx. 8 hours charge-up time to 90% capacity
    Battery Type Internal SMF, with option to connect an external battery bank, with charger for higher run-time requirments in ESxxxxL series UPS
    Backup Time, with Interanl battery bank 5 min. at full load & 12 min. at half load 8 min. at full load & 19 min. at half load 5 min. at full load & 16 min. half load
    Output Voltage 220Vac ± 2%
    Output Frequency, battery mode 50Hz ± 2%
    Freq. Synchronisation Inverter output frequency is synchronised with the line output
    Efficiency , AC-AC 83% 85% 85%
    Waveform Sinewave
    Distortion at linear and at non-linear load

    <3% at full load


    <5% <5%
    Bypass Function, Utility Mode to / from battery mode The UPS uses the input AC line as its stand-by source. in case of an O/L condition, the UPS will automaticallly transfer to the bypass line, if healthy input conditions exist, within 4 msec (2.5ms type.) to ensure that the critical load(s) continue to operate
    Auto Restart Yes
    Cold/Black Start Yes
    Over Load, Transfer to Bypass

    > 110% of FL: 30 seconds delay,

    150% of FL: 200 msec. delay

    Protections Input or Output UV/OV conditions. Inverter shutdown protection, Short Circuit on output. The UPS shuts down and won't transfer to bypass mode, will work normally once short circuit codition is removed
    Crest factor Better than 3
    Ambient Conditions 0 - 40°C, 0 - 95%RH/Non condensing
    Audible Noise < 50 dBA at 1 meter
    Computer Interface LAN/RS232 Interface: Mains Fail, Battery Low, Remote Shutdown
    Cooling Convection

    Dimensions in mm

    W x D x H

    144*412*213 190*470*338 191*470*338
    Packed Weight, with internal battery 15 Kg. 35 Kg. 36 Kg.
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