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Q-Series  UPS

    Senior Series UPS

    Q series UPS are specially designed to provide clean computer-grade power to systerms connected at their output.

    The UPS come with an option of external automotive batteries for longer power back-up time. Also, for fast charging of batteries, there is a built-in high current CV/CC SMPS charger.


       • Microprocessor based PWM TECHNOLOGY
       • High Efficiency
       • Wide input operating ra nge with Built in AVR
       • Sleek & light weight moulded cabinet
       • High current CV/CC SMPS charger for safe & fast charging
       • Option of external SMF or higher AH automotive batteries
       • Automatic battery charging in UPS Off Mode
       • Change over with phase synchronization
       • Cold start feature
       • Enhancede pro tection for overload & shutdown
       • Battery deep discharge protection
       • User friendly display & audio aarm
    Model Q1010 Q2020
    Output Rating VA/W 1000/600 2000/1200
    Size (DxHxW) mm 402X117X222  
    Battery Operation
    Output Voltage 210-240Vac/rms (Nominal)
    Output Frequency 50 ± 0.5Hz
    Transfer Time (Typical) 3m sec.
    Output Waveform Stepped approximation to Sine Wave
    Protections Short Circuit, Overload Output Trip OFF (Electronic)
    Low Battery Audio Alarm rovided
    Low Battery Cut-off provided
    Battery Voltage 12V 24V
      External Battery Bank
    Mains Operation
    Nominal Input 230Vac / 50Hz
    Mains Operation range 140 - 290Vac
    Input Frequency 50Hz, Nominal, Auto sensing 45 - 65Hz
    Output Voltage 190 - 260Vac (Nominal)
    Protections Overload (Electronic, Fuse, MCB)
    * Specifications ar subject to change without prior notice. 
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