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T- Series  UPS

    Total compatibility and complete protection for all Pcs

       • Microprocessor based PWM TECHNOLOGY using MOSFET
       • Wide input operating ra nge with narrow output window
       • Advance automatic voltage regulator
       • Compact size moulded cabinet
       • Internal 12V/7AH SMF battery
       • Automatic battery charging in UPS Off Mode
       • Change over with phase synchronization
       • Cold start feature
       • No load shut down in battery mode
       • Battery deep discharge protection
       • User friendly display & audio alarm
    Model T-620 T-660B2 T-1002 T-1002B4
    Main Operation
    Capacity 600VA/360Watts 8000VA/390W 1000VA/600W  
    ;Dimensions (WxHxD) & Weight 95x135x275 mm; 5 kg      
    Nominal Input Voltage 220V/230V/240V 230VAC/50Hz    
    Window for Mains Operation 140 V to 300 VAC 140 - 280 VAC    
    Input Frequency 50 Hz (Nominal) 50Hz, Nominal    
    Protections   Overload - Output Trip OFF    
    Battery Operation
    Output Voltage 210 - 240VAC (Nominal) 210 - 240VAC/rms    
    Transfer Time (typical) 3 msec. Typical 3 msec. Typical    
    Output Wave Form Step Sine Wave Stepped, approximation to Sine Wave    
    Battery Voltage 12V/7AH      
    Protections   Short Circuit, Overload Output Trip OFF    
    No. of Internal Batteries   12V/7AH X 2 12V/7AH X 2  
    System Voltage   12 VDC 24 VDC  
    Environment   0 - 40°C, 95% RH (non condensing)    
    Typical Load   2PC 3 PC  
    Typical Run-time   10 -15 Mins. (15"CRT/17"TFT) 15 - 20 Mins. (15"CRT/17"TFT)  
    Back-up time with Typical Load
    Desktop with 15" Colour Monitor 20 Minutes      
    Desktop with 17" Colour Monitor 14 Minutes      
    Tower with 15" Colour Monitor 14 Minutes      
    Tower with 17" Colour Monitor 12 Minutes      
    * Specifications ar subject to change without prior notice. 
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